Tukwila Elementary

Tukwila Elementary

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Scuba tour

Check out the recording of our virtual reality scuba tour. We meet dolphins, squid, sea turtles and way more!

Game night: Ocean hang man!

If you missed our first game night yesterday, no worries! Check below for some online hangman games you can play at home. The recorded footage of our game night will be up on the website today as well so check back to see that!

Ocean game night recording
Easy mode

medium mode

Deep sea tour

Down int he light-less depths of the ocean animals experience immense pressure. see what kind of alien things live in these waters in the Virtual reality tour of the deep sea.

Here are some videos of the real life animal we found in VR.

Cant find what you’re looking for?

Check the activity archive for all our old activities!

Education Director: Roza Darby


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