Fluid paint with your kiddos!

Fluid paint with your kiddos!

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Jump on the acrylic pour trend and make some amazing pieces of art with your family!

This can get pretty messy, so be sure that you have an area that is ready to get paint everywhere!


  • Paint: Acrylic paint works best and you will need lots of it, so purchase the larger sizes.
  • Canvas: You can buy any sizes, but keep in mind how much paint you will need for the size that you choose!
  • Floetrol: You can find this at hardware types of stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. This helps smooth the paint so that it spreads nicely during the pour.
  • Hair oil: A few drops of this in your cups prior to the pour will help keep the paint colors stay separate! *Do not skip this step*
  • Disposable cups
  • Stir sticks
  • Newspaper or disposable table cloth to help contain the paint mess!


  1. As mentioned above, you first need to seriously prep the area that you will be using as your creative space. Lay down your disposable table cloth, newspaper, etc. to protect the area. If the sun is out, taking your project outdoors in an awesome way to get outside!
  2. Next, you will take your paints and add the colors of your choosing to your disposable cup in layers. Make sure to add the floetrol and hair oil to each layer of paint that is added to the cup. The recommended ratio of floetrol to paint is 2:1 and you will only need a few drops of hair oil. Feel free to experiment with how you do this. The best creations tend to be accidents that happen in the creative process!
  3. After your cup is ready to pour, place the canvas upside down onto the cup. Turn both so that the cup is flush to the canvas.
  4. When you are ready, quickly lift the cup and begin to tilt the canvas in different directions to create a unique design. Make sure the paint covers the entirety of the canvas.
  5. The canvas can take several days to dry, so make sure that you have a safe area for it to dry! (i.e. Out of reach from kiddos or fur babies)
  6. TIP: 3-4 colors tend to be the magic number. Try adding white with your colors as well!
Example of step 3!

Enjoy the creation that you’ve made and display it in your house! You can take a small DIY project and make it look like an expensive and beautiful piece of art in your home.


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