Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting

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Get creative by painting with bubbles!

This is the perfect outdoor activity to do with your kids on a sunny day. After it is dry, frame it and add it to as decor to your home!


Many of the materials you might be able to find in your own home! Bubbles, food coloring, bubble wands, some cups and paper!

Try putting a “green” spin on this by using recyclable water bottles cut in half as your bubble wands. If you do not have bubbles, you can make them with dish soap! Feel free to get creative! This activity can be tailored to what you have readily available!


FIRST: Pour bubble mixture into a few different mixing cups.

SECOND: Add 5-10 drops of food coloring in the bubble mixture to create the colors.

THIRD: Place bubble wand into the food coloring and bubble mixture and blow onto sheet of paper to create your piece of art!


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