Geology in Space

Geology in Space

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Geology…………in Space!?!?!?

Geology ; noun

Definition: The science that deals with the Earth’s physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that acts on it.

In Latin, the word for Earth is Geo.

In Latin, the phrase, “the study of”, is ology.

So the word Geology means the study of Earth.

If geology is the word we use when talking about earth would we use Mārsology to talk about similar topics for Mars?

This week we are going to be exploring a little bit about our friendly neighbor Mars, and discover “Why is Mars red? Watch this video below and lets talk about what you learned.

Bonus Activity: What color are the rocks where you live? With an adult, go outside and find a spot where you can see rocks and dirt — maybe in a park or in someone’s yard. Pick up some rocks. Take a close look. The rocks won’t all be the same color, but is there one color that’s more common than others? If the place you live was named for its rocks, what would it be called?

If you want to explore more about space and learn more about the other planets in our solar system or other cool space facts check out National Geographic Kids below.


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